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Fit & Detox


SUPERFOODS FIT & DETOX SLIMMING ELIXIR This fiber cocktail only based on natural ingredients that supports digestive processes and detoxifying the body. Contains inulin, which is one of the most valuable prebiotics and a selected superfoods component with a high fiber content. Fiber not only accelerates digestion, but also provides a feeling of satiety and helps to maintain the correct cholesterol level. The mix has a delicate, tropical-pineapple taste.

Elixir components:

Minced It's nothing but transmitted flax seeds - plants with valuable properties. Len is a good source of a-linolenic acid that must be delivered with food because it is not synthesized by the body. In addition, it contains high-quality proteins, fiber and phenolic acid. What's more, ground flax contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are known for their beneficial effect on heart.

Grandmother and easter egg This plants with a high fiber content that supports the daily operation of the digestive system, increasing the feeling of satiety. In addition, it helps to control cholesterol, and regular use, while maintaining a healthy diet, reduces its blood level. Fiber supports intestinal operation, regulating it naturally, and at the same time cleans them from harmful metabolic products. It is recommended for people with digestive ailments and wanting to keep a slim figure because it reduces appetite.

Apple fiber It is obtained from apple skins that are a source of pectin. Keeps the correct level of LDL cholesterol, and also has the ability to reduce and reduce absorption of bad cholesterol from the gastrointestinal tract. It has an invaluable effect on slimming because it reduces applauding and a feeling of hunger. Studies have shown that regular consumption increases the body's resistance.

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